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G2.LV is a modern approach and ecological safety

Construction vehicles rental, construction wastes haulage and disposal, dismantling of buildings and other services.

Road- and Earthworks

Direct construction orders on the road- and earthworks in Riga.

The G2 Company provides vehicles for rent, various services in the earth- and road works, and also is of help in developing project documentation.

Our enterprise provides project services in:

  • Planes and slopes leveling;
  • Utility connections and trenches excavation;
  • Excavation and clean-up of reclamation ditches;
  • Clean-up, leveling, excavation gutters;
  • Preparations, excavation of construction pits;
  • Opencast development;
  • Creation of infiltrating coating.

We perform the whole cycle of works, from the site preparations to soil removal. The company has all the necessary vehicles and skilled workers to carry out challenging earthworks under various conditions.

We can perform very different works on the haulage and disposal of various materials, for instance, our vehicles can pick-up large amounts of fallen leaves.

For construction firms, we offer services in the sorting of loose materials. We have all equipment to provide the works. You can order sorting of shingles, soil and other materials. We work with all amounts, and offer competitive prices.

Construction Vehicle Rentals in Riga and Riga Region

We rent out earthmovers, handling, and also road-mending machinery at affordable prices.

G2.LV Company Vehicle Fleet:

  • Caterpillar bulldozers. Models:

    • T - 130;
    • T - 170 B MARSHLAND;
    • T - 170M-01;
    • DT - 75 D;
    • Catapillar D5N LGP.
  • Wheeled tractors. Models:

    • T - 150.
  • Universal loaders. Models:

    • CASE 695 SR.
  • Excavators. Models:

    • Komatsu PC210LC - 6 KJ;
    • Kobelco SK210LC - 10;
  • Front loader. Models:

    • CASE 821C;
    • TO - 18 A.
  • Heavy cargo waste lorry. Models:

    • Volvo FM9;
    • Scania R 450.
  • Sifting machines. Models:

    • Powerscreen Warrior 1400;
    • Anaconda TD 516.

Prices from 30 EUR/h + delivery.

Order modern construction vehicles with an experienced driver right now!

Entire Dismantling of Buildings and Structures in Riga and Riga Region

Dismantling works according to the Contract and within deadlines. Assured cleanness on site. Cost estimate of dismantling work on the destruction of buildings and structures.

There are two cooperation options.

1. You do dismantling works in-house, and G2 provides all the services you need, including vehicles, organization of work, experts’ support, and construction waste containers.

2. We do all work on structures dismantling with using our resources.

Our services in dismantling include:

  • demolition of various types of structures including garages, household outbuildings (outhouses), boiler-houses;
  • dismantling of one-, two-, and multi-store buildings;
  • all turnkey dismantling works on brick, framed, wood structures from roof dismantling to walls and foundation;
  • dismantling of hoppers and other structure types;
  • after dismantling the structure, we clean-up the territory and haulage construction waste;
  • processing (grinding), pick-up, and disposal.

We have experience and skills to do a safe demolition of a dilapidated and emergency building.

We are ready to discuss the draft and offer you the best manner of executing works at an affordable price.

Transportation and Sale of Loose Goods in Riga and Riga Region

Bulk and loose goods transportation. Purchase loose construction materials. Order delivery.

Our company haulage loose goods and loads. We can haul away any amount of goods, use containers of any size for the unique needs of your job. We provide containers with capacities ranging from 8 m3 to 40 m3.

With us, you can order a transportation of:

  • black soil;
  • gravel;
  • sand;
  • shingles;
  • wood chips and other types of loose materials.

Also, you can purchase any amount of loose materials:

  • shingles – we get it with grinding of construction waste ( concrete, brick) (fractions 20-40 mm, 40-70mm);
  • screened concrete shingles (fractions 20-40 mm, and 40-70mm);
  • sand;
  • screened sand ( fraction 0-16 mm);
  • black soil.

These materials are of big demand for the following works:

  • Ground-raising that demand fillers.
  • Construction of temporary roads.
  • The concrete casting of a foundation for laying cobblestones.
  • Construction of pavements and roads designed for low loads.

To order delivery of loose goods, call us +371 27700700. We will deliver you the materials in the short term.

Construction Waste Processing and Sorting in Riga and Riga Region

Construction waste dumpers. Order the pick-up of construction waste. Disposal, sorting, processing.

Whether you build up or tear down constructions, you need to address the issue of construction waste disposal. We help you solve the task. G2 offers its clients services in construction waste processing and sorting. The works are in special-purpose sorting sites of the enterprise. We also cooperate with other companies that provide their sanitary landfill.

With us, you can order any full-cycle dismantling works. When completed, the customer does not need to search for another company to get rid of leftover debris.

We will clean up your site efficiently. Construction waste pick-up occurs right when the customer needs it. The company possesses a fleet of heavy vehicles. Facilities and transport intend for projects in waste grinding and disposal.

Our construction vehicles for dismantling, transportation, and grinding are commonly available in the following types:

  • Excavators (30 and 45 tons): the equipment includes hydraulic shears or jackhammers. The tools are used in dismantling works and for crushing concrete and reinforced concrete structures, metal parts, and bricks.
  • Excavators (22 tons): we use them to deliver debris to the grinder.
  • Grinding plant: crushes waste into fractions, separates metal elements (reinforcement) and construction waste.
  • Screening device: allows obtaining fractions of different sizes.
  • Front load dumpsters (16 tons): allow quickly load and haulage away waste, sand, and gravel.
  • Containers: containers of different size required for debris removal to the disposal site.

To order the haulage of construction waste, call (+371 27700700) or make an online request.

Reinforced Concrete and Concrete Processing in Riga and Riga Region

Disposal of reinforced concrete, its recycling, and use as secondary row material. Recycling of concrete - a construction waste processing technology.

On buildings dismantling completion, you need to address the issue of construction waste disposal. G2 processes concrete and reinforced concrete. For these, we use excavators equipped with hydraulic shears or jackhammers.

These are the benefits from processing reinforced concrete with us:

  • we work with reinforced concrete blocks of various sizes;
  • we use advanced technologies for processing reinforced concrete scrap;
  • the used equipment allows to separate reinforcement and other possible additional materials from concrete;
  • after processing, second row materials can be used in construction or for other needs;
  • we dispose large reinforced concrete blocks and broken reinforced concrete;
  • we have special equipment to crush the blocks and prepare them for the screening;
  • it is possible to get fractions of the required size at the customer’s request.

Services are carried out on the sorting site or at the customer's site since a mobile crusher can be used.

The company always considers customer requests, we are receptive to customer needs and choose an ideal solution.

Screening of Black Soil and Bulk Materials in Riga and Riga Region

Equipment for screening bulk materials. Screen for sifting sand, gravel, black soil. Order screening machines.

The G2 Company runs work on screening various bulk materials:

  • black soil;
  • gravel;
  • wood processing waste, wood chips;
  • river and quarry sand;
  • wastes from construction works, repairs, dismantling of buildings.

As the result of material processing, fractions of different diameters are obtained, for example, 0.20mm-0.40mm; 0.40mm-0.70mm; and other sizes. We use different types of screens.

Even the largest job volumes are not a challenge for us, in doing so, we provide services on time.

Our equipment offers high performance and precision for quick and effective execution.

Snow cleaning and removal in Riga and Riga region

Snow removal equipment. Snow cleaning and removal. Order snow removal.

G2.lv provides snow plowing services in Riga, Riga Municipality, Salaspils, Stopini Municipality and Ulbroka.

We use specialized plowing vehicles (trucks, bobcats, tractors)

We provide snow plowing for the following territories:

  • Small and large yards (public and private);
  • Parking lots;
  • Industrial areas;
  • Commercial areas;

We work swiftly and carefully.

G2.lv provides snow plowing services starting from 35 EUR/hour, including the rental of the vehicle and paid up working hours of the driver.

Feel free to call us on +371 27700700 in order to book our plows, we will provide you with the best possible time as soon as possible.


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