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Terms and Conditions of Ordering and Using Construction Waste Containers

1. General provisions

1.1. These Terms and Conditions of Ordering and Using Construction Waste Containers, in combination with documents specified herein, are intended to provide information on SIA “G2.LV” (“the Contractor”), and describe the provisions for ordering services available on the website (“the Terms”) as for persons specified in clause 5.1 of the Terms (“the Customer”), and persons purchasing the services of construction waste removal container rental (“the Services”) on the www.g2.lv website.

1.2. These Terms are suitable for the conclusion of any agreements between the Contractor and the Customer on ordering, using (renting) and removing construction waste containers (“the Agreement”). Prior to ordering containers on the www.g2.lv website, we recommend reading these Terms carefully and verifying that they are understood. Please note that, prior to completing your order, the Customer must consent to the Terms and the Privacy Policy; refusal to do so precludes the completion of the order and request of the Spaces. By confirming consent to the Terms and the Privacy Policy, the Customer is accountable for complying with the provisions of the Terms.

1.3. The Customer is encouraged to print out the Terms for future needs.

1.4. Please note that the Terms may be amended in accordance with the procedure specified in 6 of the Terms. Upon making each order, we recommend reviewing the Terms, ensuring that the Customer has verified their complete understanding of the terms of their order in each case. The Terms were last updated on 8 October 2020.

1.5. The Terms and any Agreements between the Contractor and the Customer shall be compiled and concluded in the state language only.

2. Contractor information

2.1. The Terms apply to the ordering of containers on the on the www.g2.lv website. The Contractor is SIA “G2.LV” – a limited liability company registered in the Commercial Register of the Republic of Latvia Register of Enterprises under uniform registration No. 40003237295, registered office: Rīga, Palasta iela 10, LV-1050.

2.2. More information on the Contractor is provided in the “About Us“ section.

2.3. The Contractor’s contact information is provided in the “Contacts“ section.


3. Service information

3.1. On the basis of the Customer’s orders made on the www.g2.lv website, the Contractor shall perform removal of construction waste from the object stated by the Customer.

3.2. Removal of construction waste shall be performed using containers specifically designed for the purpose, delivered and included by the Contractor.

3.3. The Contractor shall perform the Spaces using the following containers:

a) 5m 3 container (capacity 3,5 t, width 1,78 m, length 3,08 m, height 1,26 m);

b) 8m 3 container (capacity 7,5 t, width 1,75 m, length 4,09 m, height 1,5 m);

c) 15m 3 container (capacity 11,5 t, width 2,54 m, length 6,31 m, height 1,27 m);

d) 20m 3 container (capacity 11,5 t, width 2,54 m, length 6,22 m, height 1,75 m);

e) 30m 3 container (capacity 11,5 t, width 2,55 m, length 6,20 m, height 2,30 m);

f) 40m 3 container (capacity 11,5 t, width 2,55 m, length 6,70 m, height 2,85 m);

3.4. Services shall be provided on business days, between the hours of 8.00 and 17.00;

3.5. A Service shall be provided within 24 hours following the Customer’s request to install, remove or replace a container, and receipt of payment for the Service.

3.6. If, for technical reasons, the Contractor is unable to ensure the placement or replacement of a new container, it may delay the placement or replacement of a new container at the Customer’s object for up to 2 (two) business days, to the effect of which the Contractor shall immediately notify the Customer. Placement of a container at the address specified by the Contractor shall be performed upon signing the relevant delivery and acceptance statement. Any person signing on behalf of the Customer without adequate authorisation shall undertake personal liability for preserving the container.

3.7. The following may not be placed inside containers: environmentally harmful and hazardous waste (fluorescent lamps, bulbs, thermometers, batteries etc.), medicines (expired pills, used syringes, ampoules, gauze etc.), automotive waste (tyres, oils, batteries etc.), solvents, aerosol bottles, lacquer and paint residue, electric appliances (irons, telephones, televisions etc.) and other waste which, in accordance with Cabinet Regulation dated 19 April 2011 “Regulations on the classifier of waste and properties that make waste hazardous”, are classified as hazardous waste.

3.8. The following may be placed inside containers: road construction and building demolition waste – concrete and reinforced concrete structures, concrete, wood, brick, tile, ceramics and gypsum materials. Ceramic products, brick, tile, construction materials production waste, waste from the production of lime and gypsum, products made from such. Road repair waste – hard waste (cement and binders, bitumen) earth removed due to the splitting or restoration of street paving – soil removed during construction, artificial mounds or excavated earth which is no longer useful at a given site.

3.9. For the Contractor to be able to deliver and subsequently remove a waste container, the access road, entry and passage at the Customer’s site must be at least 2.50m wide, offer 2.70m of overhead space and the immediate access path must be at least 15m long (straight line).

3.10. All construction waste inside a container shall be considered property of the Contractor as soon as the Contractor removes a container from the Customer’s site. The Contractor shall be entitled to dispose of such at its sole disposal, including processing, sorting, decomposition and other means of deriving a profit from such, without violating the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

4. Service pricing and payment procedure

4.1. Service prices are specified in the “Construction waste container rental and removal” section when the Service order is commenced, the delivery region within which the requested container will be placed, and the period of using the container are specified.

4.2. Total Service prices depend on the size of the selected container, location (region) where the Service is to be received, and the period of use of the container, and is specified in the order form before the order is approved.

4.3. The Contractor shall be entitled to, without prior notice or approval from the Contractor, change the prices of Services. Changes to Service prices shall not apply to Services which are already being rendered and have been ordered prior to such pricing changes taking effect.

4.4. The Customer may settle for a container order:

a) via a bank transfer to the Seller’s account stated in the prepayment invoice;

b) using a payment (credit or debit) card.

4.5. Legal entities are recommended to state their company registration number in order information to enable quicker identification of a payment. This way, an order can be approved by the system more quickly and execution can commence sooner.

4.6. If the Customer selects the means of settlement specified in clause 4.4.a, the Customer shall be obliged to approve the payment order at the Customer’s bank no later than 12 (twelve) after clicking the “Request” button. If the payment order is not approved within the term specified, the Customer shall be entitled to assume that the Customer has declined to enter into an agreement, and to cancel the order.

4.7. The container requested by the Customer shall be reserved in the Contractor’s system, and the Contractor shall commence execution of the Order as soon as information about funds being remitted to the Contractor’s bank account is received.

5. Conclusion of an agreement

5.1. Container orders on this website may be placed by Customers:

a) individuals having reached the age of 18 (eighteen);

b) legal entities.

5.2. By consenting to the Terms, the Customer confirms that they have the right to place orders on this website.

5.3. The procedure of ordering construction waste containers specified by the Contractor provides the Customer the opportunity to review and correct errors before submitting a final order. The Customer is recommended to carefully read and review their order at each stage of placing the order.

5.4. The Agreement between the Customer and the Contractor shall be considered concluded once the Customer fills out the necessary information on the website – specifies the size of container needed, the delivery region, the usage period, states the name, surname/company name (using letters of the Latin alphabet), identity code/registration number, e-mail, phone No. and delivery address, selects the means of payment and gets acquainted with the Terms, clicks the “Request” button and makes payment for the order. If payment for the Order is not made, the agreement shall be considered void. The Contractor shall be entitled to contact the Customer using the phone number or e-mail address based on the concluded agreement or while resolving any ambiguities that may arise in connection with executing the agreement.

5.5. When the Customer submits an order and pays for it or selects the means of payment specified in clause 4.4.a of the Terms, they are sent an e-mail confirming receipt of the order.

5.6. Upon filling the order, the Contractor shall send an e-mail to the Customer notifying about delivery of a container to the Customer’s address.

5.7. Each agreement (i.e. order) between the Customer and the Contractor shall be recorded and stored in the website database.


6. Right to amend the Terms

6.1. The Contractor reserves the right amend the Contractor, including, but not limited to:

a) amendments to payment terms;

b) amendments to applicable regulations.

6.2. Upon each order of a container, for the purpose of concluding an Agreement between the Contractor and the Customer, the wording of the Terms in force on the date of conclusion of the Agreement shall apply.

6.3. Each time upon amending the Terms, on the basis of section 6 of the Terms, the Contractor shall notify the Customer and announce this on its website, indicating that the Terms have been amended, and the date of amendment shall be stated in clause 1.4 of the Terms.

7. Personal data processing

7.1. The Contractor shall process the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Considering that the Privacy Policy indicates crucial provisions of the Terms, the Customer is encouraged to carefully read them and verify that all provisions of the Privacy Policy are understood and acceptable to them.

8. Rights and obligations of the parties

8.1. The obligations of the Contractor stem from the Terms and the documents specified herein, as well as from the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

8.2. The Contractor shall be entitled to:

8.2.1. Transfer execution of the services, in full or in part, to a third party, having given prior notice to the Customer;

8.2.2. Require that construction waste be removed from a container in accordance with clause 3.3 of the Terms, and remove the container if the requirement is not fulfilled;

8.2.3. Require that waste be removed from a container as placed therein by the Customer contrary to the provisions of clause 3.7 of the Terms, and refuse to remove the container if the requirement is not fulfilled;

88.2.4. If a container is not returned within the term specified previously, an additional rental fee shall apply to the container being at the Customer’s disposal: EUR 5 per day, starting from the day following the specified term of use of the container;
EUR 15 per day, starting from the fourth day following the specified term of use of the container;
EUR 25 per day, starting from the seventh day following the specified term of use of the container and ending once the container is returned;

8.2.5. In addition to the aforementioned, the Contractor shall also have all rights ensuing under the Terms, the documents specified herein, and the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

8.3. Obligations of the Customer:

8.3.1. The Customer undertakes to provide only accurate and complete information in the order form;

8.3.2. The Customer undertakes to use the website in a fair and appropriate manner, without impairing its functioning or stable operation. If the Customer is in breach of this obligation, the Contractor shall be entitled to, without prior notice, restrict, suspend (discontinue) the Customer’s access to the website, and the Contractor shall not be liable for any losses sustained by the Customer in this regard;

8.3.3. The Customer shall be obliged to ensure acceptance of a container at the time of delivery in accordance with the procedure specified in the Terms;

8.3.4. The Customer shall be obliged to observe the requirements specified in the Terms and in the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia;

8.3.5. To provide the Contractor with necessary information for service provision, including indication of the location for placing the container for the collection of construction waste, undertaking responsibility for the suitability of such location for container placement and the availability of vehicles to access the specified location without harming surrounding property and/or the environment;

8.3.6. To provide free space for placing a container at the specified site, and ensure uninterrupted access to the container’s location at the site by the Contractor;

8.3.7. To provide a representative to sign the delivery and acceptance statement on removal of construction waste on behalf of the Customer;

8.3.8. To fill containers so that construction waste does not extend more than 15 cm over the container brim. The weight of the container shall not exceed the load bearing specifications provided in clause 3.3 of the Terms;

8.3.9. To pay the Contractor the rental fee specified in clause 8.2.4 of the Terms;

8.3.10. In addition to the obligations specified herein, the Customer shall have other obligations ensuing from the Terms and from the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

8.4. The Contractor shall have every right ensuing from the Terms, the documents specified herein, and the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

9. Liability

9.1. The parties shall be accountable for complete or partial non-fulfilment of the Terms, the parties shall be liable in accordance with the Terms and the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

9.2. The parties shall be relieved from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfil the Terms if such non-fulfilment arises following conclusion of the agreement as a result of force majeure and/or outstanding circumstances which the parties could not have foreseen by reasonable means. Such outstanding circumstances shall be deemed to include fires, earthquakes, military activity, actions by state government bodies and other circumstances not subject to reasonable control.

9.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for flaws in rendered services arising due to provision of incomplete information by the Customer, as a result of which the Contractor did not foresee and could not have foreseen given adequate technology.

9.4. If, in the process of including a container, the Contractor’s driver causes damage to the Customer’s site, a statement on identified damages shall be compiled immediately, in the presence of the Contractor’s driver and a representative of the Contractor. A statement compiled unilaterally by the Customer shall be deemed invalid.

9.5. The Customer shall be liable for containers placed in prohibited areas upon the Customer’s request, including material liability.

9.6. From the moment of placement of a container by the Contractor at the location specified by the Customer, and until the container is removed from the Customer’s premises upon the Customer’s request, the Customer shall remain fully materially liable (paying in full the value of damaged or destroyed containers) for any damage or destruction of a container (containers) installed for them.

9.7. In the event of damage to or destruction of containers, the usage (rental) fee in the amount specified in clause 8.2.4 of the Terms shall accrue until reimbursement for the losses.

9.8. In cases where, upon delivery of construction waste to a landfill by the Contractor, waste qualified as hazardous is identified, and is not accepted by the landfill, a statement shall be compiled to this effect, signed by a representative of the landfill and by the Contractor’s driver. The waste shall be transported to a location that accepts it. The Customer shall cover any expenses in this regard.

9.9. The Customer shall be liable for activities performed with the use of the www.g2.lv website, including, but not limited to the accuracy of data provided in the order form. The Customer shall undertake liability for the consequences of errors or inaccuracies in the registration form.

9.10. The Contractor shall, without prejudice to the applicable legislation, be relieved of any liability in cases of losses arising due to the Customer ignoring its obligations and the recommendations given by the Contractor, failing to get acquainted with the Terms, the Privacy Policy, other documents specified in the Terms, despite having had the opportunity to do so.

9.11. If the Contractor violates the provisions of the Terms, it shall be liable for any harm or losses incurred by the Customer as a predictable result of violation of the Terms. Harm or losses shall be deemed predictable if they are evidently the consequence of a violation by the Contractor, or if the Contractor and the Customer were aware of such harm or losses at the time of conclusion of the Agreement.

9.12. If placement or removal of a container at the Customer’s site is delayed by more than half an hour through the fault of the Customer, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the Contractor a vehicle idling fee as follows:

  • Heavy cargo trucks with capacity of up to 8m³ and load bearing capacity of up to 7.5 t - 25,00 EUR/h;
  • Heavy cargo with capacity of up to 40m³ and load bearing capacity of up to 11,5 t - 29,00 EUR/h.

10. Events beyond the Contractor’s control

10.1. The Contractor shall not be liable for failure to fulfil obligations under the Agreement or delaying fulfilment if such non-fulfilment or delay occurs in connection with events beyond the Contractor’s control as defined in clause 10.2 of the Terms.

10.2. An event beyond the Contractor’s control denotes any activities or events which the Contractor cannot reasonably control.

10.3. If an event beyond the Contractor’s control occurs that affects due fulfilment of the Contractor’s obligations under the Agreement:

a) the Contractor shall inform the Customer immediately; and

b) execution of the Contractor’s obligations under the Agreement shall be suspended, and the term of execution of obligations shall be extended by a term equivalent to the duration of the event beyond the Contractor’s control. If events beyond the Contractor’s control affect the execution of the Customer’s order, the Contractor shall arrange a new delivery date following cessation of events beyond the Contractor’s control.

11. Sending of information

11.1. The term “in writing” used throughout the Terms shall also include e-mails.

11.2. In order to contact the Contractor in writing, or where the Terms envisage the Customer’s obligation to contact the Contractor in writing, the Customer shall send the Contractor an e-mail to the address info@g2.lv or a simple letter addressed to the SIA “G2.LV”, address: Palasta iela 10, Rīga, LV-1050. The Contractor shall notify the Customer in writing about receiving a notification (usually by means of an e-mail message).

11.3. The Contractor shall send all notifications to the Customer’s e-mail address stated in the Customer’s order form.

12. Right of refusal

12.1. A consumer (individual) may exercise their right of refusal in accordance with the Republic of Latvia Consumer Rights Protection Law and withdraw from the agreement within 12 calendar days, retracting the Order. The term for exercising the right of refusal shall expire on the 15th (fifteenth) day following conclusion of the Agreement. If the end of this term falls on a national day off, the right of refusal shall be exercised by the business day following the final day of the aforementioned term (inclusive).

12.2. A consumer may not exercise their right of refusal in cases defined in Cabinet Regulation No. 255 of 20 May 2014 “Regulations on the distance agreement”, including cases where: provision of a Service that was commenced prior to the expiration of the term for exercising the right of refusal, has been completed, provided that if the Customer clearly consents and confirms that they will lose the right of refusal on the date of complete execution of the service provision Agreement.

12.3. The Service Provider shall, within 30 (thirty) days following the date of receipt of the Consumer’s notification on refusal of a placed Order, refund the amount paid by the Consumer, to the Consumer’s account from which the payment was made.

12.4. Important! The Customer shall pay a proportionate amount for a service received during the effective term of the right of refusal – provided that the Contractor has notified the consumer to this effect.

13. Miscellaneous provisions

13.1. Any agreement concluded between the Contractor ant the Customer shall be subject to the Terms, and documents clearly stated in the terms. Any deviations from the Terms shall be valid if filed in accordance with a written document.

13.2. The Contractor shall be entitled to transfer its rights and obligations in accordance with the Agreement to a third party or parties, although such transfer or rights and obligations shall in no way affect the rights of the Customer or the obligations of the Contractor in accordance with the Terms. The Contractor shall notify the Customer if such transfer occurs.

13.3. The Customer shall not be entitled to forward all or part of its rights or obligations under the Terms to a third party or persons without the Contractor’s written consent.

13.4. If any of these Terms is declared illegal, invalid or inapplicable by a court of law, other provisions of the Terms shall remain in force and shall apply to the full extent. Any provision of the Terms declared illegal, invalid or inapplicable only in part or to a certain extent, shall remain in force to the extent not declared illegal, invalid or inapplicable.

13.5. Unless specified otherwise in the Terms, any delay by the Contractor in the exercise of its rights under the Terms shall not denote relief of the Customer from fulfilment of obligations or refusal of these rights, and partial or separate fulfilment of any obligation or exercise of any right shall not indicate that such obligations are not mandatory or such rights are no longer available.

13.6. The Terms and the relationship between the parties in accordance with the Terms (including matters of conclusion, validity and termination of the Agreement) shall be bound by the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia, and shall be explained in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

13.7. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising from the Terms or related to the Terms, the violation, termination or validity hereof shall be ultimately decided in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Privacy Policy

Controller and its contact information

Limited liability company "G2”, registration number: 40003237295, registered office: Rīga, Palasta iela 10, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia (“G2”).

To whom this Privacy Policy applies

This privacy policy applies to personal data processing performed by G2 regarding:

  • individuals – customers of G2 (including current, potential and former customers);
  • visitors to websites maintained by G2;
  • persons whose data are processed on social networks in relation to marketing activities organised by G2.

The Privacy Policy applies to personal data processing regardless of the format in which a person has provided their data – be it in person, on an G2 website, on paper, or electronically.

What personal data are processed

Personal data are deemed to include any information on an identified or identifiable individual.

G2 processes the following personal data:

  • Name, surname
  • Identity code
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account number and other information relevant to a payment
  • Information voluntarily provided via a contact, application or registration form provided on an G2 website

Personal data protection

G2 values the safety and protection of your data. G2 is bound by personal data protection regulations that follow from Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), and from the Personal Data Processing Law of the Republic of Latvia.

G2 complies with personal data protection legislation, which includes the observance and protection of your rights as the data subject. In implementing personal data protection requirements, G2 considers the ensuing risks as well as the organisational, financial and technical resources available to G2.

For data protection, G2 applies the available technological capabilities, considering existing risks to privacy and organisational, financial and technical resources reasonably available to G2, including the application of the following security measures:

  • firewalls;
  • intrusion protection and detection software;
  • other protective measures consistent with the state of the art in hardware development.

Purpose of personal data processing

G2 processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • to support services involving the placement and execution of an order, and related consultations, as well as settlement administration;
  • buyer identification;
  • development of new goods and services;
  • advertising of goods and services and other commercial purposes;
  • review of objections or claims;
  • customer retention, loyalty facilitation, satisfaction measurements;
  • debt recovery and collection;
  • property protection and the safety of other persons;
  • other specific purposes for which an individual’s consent has been received, including, but not limited to the maintenance and enhancement of websites and mobile applications, business planning and analytics.

Legal basis for personal data processing

Agreement conclusion and execution

G2 services are provided on the basis of a written or verbal agreement between the customer and G2.
G2 performs personal data processing to the extent necessary for concluding and executing an agreement.

Regulatory compliance

In certain cases, G2 may process personal data to ensure compliance with regulatory enactments. For instance, data on received payments are processed for tax administration purposes.


In some cases, G2 may request consent to personal data processing. In such cases, consent is requested prior to commencing personal data processing, having acquainted the data subject with the planned data processing.

Consent may be requested for the receipt of commercial notifications or e.g. surveys. By expressing one’s opinion in a survey and leaving one’s contact information (e-mail, phone number, a person consents to G2 contacting them using the provided contact information, with regard to the assessment provided.

Consent is not mandatory, and one may also withhold consent to the processing of their personal data. An individual is further entitled to, at any time, revoke consent previously provided, either in the manner in which it was provided or by contacting G2. The revocation of consent does not process data processing performed prior to the revocation. Revocation of consent cannot disrupt the processing of data performed on any other legitimate basis.

Legitimate interest

It is in the interest of G2 to maintain successful business operations and provide services while protecting its assets and fulfilling its financial obligations. Thus, G2 may perform personal data processing only to the extent necessary for safeguarding its legitimate interests:

  • verifying the identity of an individual prior to the purchase of certain goods or services;
  • ensuring debt collection;
  • contact in matters addressed by an individual;
  • conducting customer attraction and/or retention activities;
  • segmenting the customer base for more effective provision of services;
  • developing and enhancing its goods and services;
  • advertising its goods and services by sending commercial notifications;
  • sending other messages on the progress of agreement execution and events substantial to execution, and performing polls regarding goods and services and the experience of using them;
  • preventing fraudulent activities against G2;
  • maintaining corporate governance, financial and business records and analytics;
  • maintaining effective corporate governance processes;
  • maintaining and improving service quality;
  • administrating payments;
  • informing the public about its activities.

Automated decision-making

G2 may perform automated decision-making. With regard to such activities, G2 provides separate notification in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Automated decision-making which produces legal consequences (e.g. the adoption or rejection of a decision) may be performed only in the course of concluding or executing an agreement between G2 and the relevant person, or on the basis of consent.

Categories of personal data recipients

G2 may forward personal data to service providers that enable the company’s company activities and perform processing of personal data on behalf of and upon the assignment of G2 (data processors). For instance, G2 may involve IT service providers to maintain an G2 website. Other data processors include:

  • marketing activities;
  • accounting service providers, lawyers, tax advisors;
  • other parties ensuring the core activities of G2 and provision of related services.

G2 ensures that data processors involved in processing personal data on behalf of and upon the assignment of G2 maintain confidentiality and provide adequate protection.

Personal data may also be forwarded to other parties not engaged in processing personal data on behalf of and upon the assignment of G2 (data administrators). These include:

  • law enforcement authorities;
  • banks and other payment service providers;
  • other parties, given a substantiated request on their part, in accordance with the procedure and to the extent specified in external regulations.

Data processing by data administrators is regulated by the terms of use and privacy policies of relevant data administrators. G2 shall not be liable for the processing of data by such parties (data administrators).

Transfer of personal data outside the EU

G2 does not transfer personal data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Duration of personal data retention

G2 stores and processes personal data while at least one of the following criteria applies:

  • for as long as a service agreement is in force, or a service is being provided;
  • while the data are necessary for some purpose for which they have been collected;
  • while an application made by an individual is fully reviewed and/or executed;
  • while, in accordance with the procedure specified in external regulations, G2 or the customer may pursue their legitimate interests (e.g. submit objections or raise a claim in a court of law);
  • while G2 has the legal obligation to retain the data;
  • while consent to the relevant personal data processing is in force, unless some other legal basis for data processing exists.

Once the circumstances listed herein cease to apply, personal data are deleted or destroyed.

Access to personal data and other rights

Any individual (data subject) is entitled to receive information as specified in the applicable legislation pertaining to the processing of their data, and to receive a copy of their personal data, to request that G2 supplement, rectify or delete the data, or restrict processing of their data. A data subject is entitled to object to processing (including the processing of personal data performed on the basis of the legitimate interests of G2), and the right to data portability.

Contact information for matters of personal data processing or protection:

  • Address: Palasta iela 10, Rīga, LV-1050
  • E-mail address: info@g2.lv

To verify the identity of an applicant, questions and requests addressed to G2 should be made in writing and signed either by hand or using a digital signature.

G2 ensures the fulfilment of data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the applicable legislation and, in the event of objections, takes reasonable action to resolve an objection. However, if this is not possible, the data subject is entitled to contact a supervisory body – the Data State Inspectorate.

The data subject is entitled to receive one copy of their personal data being processed by G2, free of charge.

Commercial messages

G2 may send commercial messages to customers regarding similar goods or services. Other commercial messages may be sent only with prior consent from the relevant individual.

An individual may at any time refuse the receipt of further commercial messages:

  • by sending an e-mail to the address: info@g2.lv;
  • by calling +371 27700700;
  • by submitting a written application to the office of G2;
  • by using the automated option of refusing further messages provided in a commercial message, i.e. by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the relevant commercial message (e-mail).

G2 suspends the sending of commercial messages as soon as the relevant request is processed. Request processing may take up to 3 business days.

Website visits and cookie processing

G2 websites may use cookies. Cookies are files placed by websites on user computers to recognise the users and simplify use of a website. For more information on cookies and how to manage or delete them, please visit www.aboutcookies.org.

Purposes of cookie placement:

  • improving the website usage experience;
  • gathering and analysing statistical information about visits to a website.

Web browsers may be configured in such a way as to warn a customer about the use of cookies and allow the choice to either accept or reject them. Failure to accept cookies will not prevent the use of a website but may limit its usefulness.

G2 websites may place links to third party websites with their respective usage and personal data processing policies, for the comprehensiveness of which G2 is not responsible.


G2 is entitled to modify and update the Privacy Policy by publishing the updated version on an G2 website.


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